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Cozy Bedroom Styling

3 tips for the warmest cushion styling!

• Use a color wheel! Make sure your colors work together, you can combine a million different colors as long as the tones work with eachother. Avoid pairing cool tones with warm tones (navy blue meets soft sage green is a no go) 

• Use color, texture and pattern to create flow. Imagine walking into a room of white, with one piece of art with a black frame and every neon color in the rainbow. Where does your eye go? To that massive bold portrait in a room that otherwise would be extremely calm and spa like. And it will be stuck there. The same thing can happen with your cushions, don't have a bed of white and one florescent pink cushion ready to slap you in the face when you walk in the door. Repeat your colors in different patterns, add movement with texture. It encourages the eye to move around the room.

• Repetition is important! Not just in your cushions but in the decor that accent your cushions. Mimic texture with a woven basket, repeat your color pallet with a vase and some stems. 

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