Hey friend, thank you for being here! I want to share a little about us and Sundays and all that goes into it. 

The "us" is my mother in law, Anne and I (Brook). We started Sundays out of a shared passion for design and decor! It has been a long time in the making, from selecting materials, trial and error, a shop renovation and a ton of marketing. We do it all ourselves! Anne is the mastermind, she knows everything there is about running a business, she's a talented designer and she can sew one hell of a cushion cover, that's right, she hand sews Every. Single. One. And they are perfect. I run the marketing, photograph product and fulfill/ package everything. We have both wanted to own a business and have both created SO many ideas until finally landing on this, and it is just the right fit! 

About Sundays: all of our materials are carefully selected and often there isn't a ton of it, we do small batches and unique styles that we hope to add to over the coming weeks, months and years. Our goal with Sundays is to bring a new meaning to comfort and style, make sure every one of you are happy with your product and spread a little love to our local business' along the way. In the future we plan on carrying products from other small business' in Canada (we have a few in our sights already). Another goal of ours is to reduce, reuse, recycle - credits to my toddlers toys for that phrase haha! That means making the most of our materials to reduce waste, find a purpose for what we can't use, and avoid unnecessary plastic packaging.

We hope you love your Sundays as much as we do!

Warmest regards,

Brook & Anne