Sundays Styling

Sundays Styling

Curious how we style our Sundays? 

3 tips to better styling:

Your cushions don't have to match! I generally style in groups of 3, I mix a solid, a pattern and a texture on either end of my sofa. None of them are the same, however the repetition of color and pattern creates flow! 

Use your darkest pillow as your base (or your first pillow) unless it is the smallest one in your group. I do this to avoid there being to much weight on one side vs. the other. If you have a solid black pillow as your base on the right side and a soft neutral as your base on the other, that's when you want to throw in a bold lumbar on the left to balance it out!

Visualizing what colors work together can be hard unless you're sticking to neutrals. Don't hesitate to Combine colors, make it easier by creating a color board! This gives you a visual representation of what the colors will look like together, especially if you're not buying them all in one place. You can keep this with you any time you shop so that if something catches your eye, you'll know if it works or not. Or Pinterest, pinterest will never fail you 😉

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